Clip and Canter

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A professional mobile clipping service for your horse is available at your yard / home.

Full clip (legs and half head left on) £35

Trace / Blanket clip £25

Tailor made to suit owner £POA

Creative designs, hearts, your horses initials / name, moon, stars and many more! Prices start from £5 upwards depending on how many and the detail involved.

Please note that it is the owners responsibility to control their horse at all times during clipping. If in the rare event the horse is deemed unsafe to clip the owner will be charged a £10 call out fee.

Experience with vet sedations.


Fitness programmes for the gym or home (6 weeks) individually taylored to suit needs £24.99. An Initial 1 hour consultation including demonstration is recommended costing £20

Fitness programme for horse (6 weeks) £19.99

 Please see our exciting Clinics page above for further information regarding clinics and private Cantercise sessions. 

NEW!! All day Cantercise Clinics. Wendy's Enhanced Riding Series of published articles in The Arabian Magazine are based on Cantercise principles: 

Online Virtual Lessons and Fitness Programmes via email are now available, so you can benefit no matter where you are in the world! Please click on 'More' above and select 'Web Store' from the drop down menu for detailed information.  

  Human sports massage and injury rehabilitation programmes for riding available for existing clients. Please contact Wendy at Clip and Canter for further information.