Clip and Canter

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NEW** Confidence Clinics

New for 2016.After huge success with The Enhanced Riding Series Confident Rider articles published in The Arabian Magazine, written by Wendy and the wonderful  feedback received from private lessons, we are pleased to announce our 2 and a half hour confidence clinics, suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.

We begin with a talk, getting to know  why you may have lost / lack confidence or are a very nervous rider. 

After discussing individual issues and various techniques and secrets to success, we ride as a group and individually on a private session. If you are uncomfortable about either riding in a group or individually then tailor made clinics are available on request.  

We all lose our confidence and become nervous for many different reasons, we should not feel ashamed of this. Clip and Canter has helped hundreds of riders overcome their nerves and put the enjoyment back into riding. Great fun at just £100 (please ask for a price if you are located more than 15 miles away from WN6). 

Two Hour Clinics: Catering for all standards and ages of horse and rider.

  •  Minimum of two hours of riding (unless choosing the Showing option when in hand work will be incorporated if desired)
  •  15 / 20 minute question and answer session at the end (opportunity to ask Wendy any questions or seek further advice)
  •  The clinic can be Showing, Jumping or Dressage (It can also be a combination, for example, 1 hour Jumping and 1 hour dressage)
  •  Each clinic considers, individual issues, any specific problems, how to impress the judge, confidence, position, technique and much much more!
  •  Suitable for competitive and non competitive riders
  •  Fun and informative
  •  Quality and extremely good value for money at just £100 (Within 15 mile radius of WN6), thus, costing £25 each based on 4 participants!

NEW!!!! Cantercise Clinics (Whole Day)

Wendy's Enhanced Riding Series of published articles in The Arabian Magazine are based on Cantercise principles: 

Cantercise Clinics have been specifically designed to improve posture, strength, flexibility, fitness, balance, feel and combat psychological barriers to ultimately boost rider performance, confidence and create harmony with your horse.

You will learn the importance of good posture and fitness, basic human anatomy/physiology, specific exercises and stretches to improve riding technique and feel. How to reduce muscle stress and stiffness, minimising likelihood of injury, including  lower back pain associated with horse riders!

Cantercise Clinics are amazing value for money, great fun and invaluable for riders (and horses) of all ages and abilities  whether you compete or not. Please don’t worry if you do not take any exercise regularly as the circuit session has been specially designed with exercises to accommodate complete beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness. Cantercise circuits can also benefit overall lifestyle, health and make you feel great, increase energy levels, burn calories, tone, reduce stress and all exercises can be done in the home without expensive equipment. Cantercise Clinics can benefit novice riders to very advanced riders,! young horses to older horses!

The use of imagery / visualisation and relaxation techniques has been proven to have positive physical and psychological impacts. Can help with competition nerves or confidence issues.

Common ridden problems, for example, horse hollowing, leaning, falling in / out, being lazy and unresponsive etc. learn specific exercises to help position and feel, to solve such problems. Visualisation and relaxation techniques, muscle control and awareness to recognise tension, this helps with nerves and enables the horse to relax and, as above, solve some ridden problems in the horse.

 What will I do at a Cantercise Clinic?

~Theory Talk \ Lecture Demonstration: Posture, stretches, muscles and bones used in riding, physio ball and psychology

~Circuit Training Session; Fun, practical session designed specifically for horse riders of all disciplines

~Mounted session with your horse: Group lesson on your horse putting what you have learned into practice and much much more!

How many of us have aches and pains? Learn how to look after your body and help prevent injury and strain in the saddle. You will perform a warm up component, directed exercises and techniques and a cool down component, all performed on your horse! Relaxation techniques to help train our brain to isolate the muscle we need to use and reduce tension, for example, does your seat move if you use your legs and why does this matter? Perhaps you would like to do your rising trot without moving  your hands, jump with a pain free secure position or perform complicated lateral movements at one with your horse?  

 Priced at just £140 makes this fantastic unique clinic really affordable. Remember the more participants, the cheaper it costs, so why not split the cost and have fun with all your friends!

Mini - Cantercise Clinics (Half Day)

As above with the lecture demonstration and mounted session, utilising all the learning objectives as the whole day, but without the practical circuit training session. This is ideal if you do not wish to do a circuit training session, but perhaps would just like to learn a few exercises to perform at home in privacy.

Priced at just £100.

Private Lesson - Cantercise Session 1 1/2 Hour

Priced at just £35, ideal if you would like to be on your own or cannot find enough people interested for the whole clinic. One hour on your horse and half an hour practical / theory without your horse. This session encompasses all the elements and learning objectives as the half day Cantercise Clinics!

Each expert one to one session is tailor made to suit the fitness and ability level of horse and rider, the riders aspirations, goals and any particular difficulties the rider may be experiencing. Please do not worry if your horse is sharp or spooky, you and your horses safety is paramount and so all exercises can be done statically if necessary. Some exercises and stretches can be performed in halt, walk, trot and canter if the rider is happy and there is an option to be lunged if preferred. 

 Exercises and stretches that can be performed both on and off your horse, including tuition on a physio ball to improve core stability. Please email / telephone Wendy if you require any further details about Cantercise sessions.