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CASE STUDIES & Customer Testimonials

Clip and Canter sponsors Beth Davies...Read Beths story it’s inspiring, emotional, a must read:

In February of 2014 Clip and Canter received an email asking if I would be willing to help teach an unbroken 3 year old cob called Alfie and a man’s young daughter, Beth. The email explained that Alfie had been handled on the ground and had a saddle and bridle on him. When I agreed to help I arrived at the yard with an open mind, although I had some worries. I had never seen Beth ride and being a child I was concerned about safety. A child, a dad who wasn’t ‘horsey’ (but had read a lot of books and was muddling through impressively) and a 3 year old unbroken welsh cob was feeling like it could be a challenge. Some people would say a recipe for disaster.

It turned out that Beth’s mum had tragically passed away and it was her that had chosen Alfie as a foal to be their family horse. Beth’s mum had been a keen horse rider and another strange twist of fate is that I later realised I had actually taught her regularly at a local riding school many years ago…

So we set to work…Beth backed, broke and schooled Alfie having a lesson every week. He really wasn’t easy though, especially in the early days. He napped; he planted and presented Beth with many challenges. Beth was extremely patient and some of our lessons consisted of simply walking Alfie in a straight line! Beth taught him everything, walk, trot, canter, lateral work and later to jump. Beth never gave up even when Alfie kept trying to dominate and have his own way. Beth rides in a sympathetic way but also takes leadership. We have taken it slow and steady but have made amazing progress. No one else has ever schooled him and the only help she has had is from me guiding her (and of course her dad, supporting her).

Beth has begun competing and won 1st in Intro dressage first time out! Beth then continued to mount up the rosettes and is now being placed at prelim too. Beth won a combined training event a couple of months ago also…For all the above reasons, the hard work, the dedication, through all the frustrations, highs and lows Beth is an inspiration and a talented rider so I am proud to say that Clip and Canter has decided to sponsor her and Alfie. I am sure Alfie will present some more challenges for us along the way as we continue to develop the partnership. Alfie and Beth are a great combination, he is spirited and Beth enjoys the challenges he sometimes presents. I am positive that her mum would be extremely proud… Well done Beth and Alfie…

“Bliss by name and bliss by nature”

There are good and bad teachers but sadly few who attain and maintain a standard of excellence.  To become an effective teacher one has to possess and be able to demonstrate a range of essential skills which are paramount in achieving successful learning outcomes with their students.

Wendy Bliss is without doubt a teacher of excellence.  My encounter with Wendy is purely as an observer as I used to watch her regularly teach a very close friend of mine the skills of horse riding.   Wendy’s lessons were an absolute joy to observe as all the essential skills required from an excellent teacher exuded forth constantly.    More importantly Wendy is a teacher who attains successful results without putting the learner under any undue pressure and anxiety.

In my experience of the equine world, I have come across several so called teachers who rate themselves worthy enough to teach but possess precious little skills and equine knowledge and quite frankly should not be teaching at all.

Wendy’s whole demeanour is honest and welcoming.  Wendy’s background as a qualified teacher in Further Education shines through as she is exceptionally approachable, has outstanding subject knowledge and is well organised, patient and empathetic with excellent communication and people skills.

Who am I?  I am a retired teacher having worked with adults for many years lecturing in both a College of Further Education and HMP Education Departments.  With my long term experience in teaching I feel I am well qualified to recommend Wendy without hesitation to anyone who wishes to benefit from expert equine tuition whether it is basic or advanced.


"I've been having lessons for very close to a year now and absolutely love them. I can never wait until my next lesson. Wendy always keeps them interesting lively and fun and always keeps challenging me and Phylis. We've achieved more this year than ever before learning a lot of lateral movements!We always wish we could have started 6 - 8 years earlier because she has so much talent and could do so much more but it's not ethical at her age. I thank Wendy for everything and the bond she has with Phylis and helped my bond with Phylis to grow! Thank you x".


"Biscuit is a 14 year old cob, we have owned her for 5 years, unfortunately biscuit was out of work for a number of months due to illness. My daughter decided that she would like to start doing some dressage and showing on her however biscuit is not the easiest mare to ride and has a very sensitive nature and can be quite stubborn. I decided at this point I needed some help so I got in touch with Wendy. It has been the best thing I have done both biscuit and my daughter have come on so much and it is a pleasure to watch. I cannot thank Wendy enough for all her help I would highly recommend her." 


"After years of self teaching and thinking I was ok I bought a gorgeous but very complicated mare whom I love. My friends have seen my mare act out and told me she was dangerous and I should sell her on, this is when I contacted Wendy for lessons. I am very sceptical about instructors but something clicked the minute I met Wendy and she sussed my horse in about 3 minutes. I will say it’s been hard to get my head around giving the inside rein ,till I felt my mare in self carriage ,it was utterly amazing ! I am amazed how far my "dangerous mare" has come. She is now very focused and so willing in each and every lesson and I have also learnt so much from Wendy. I now can see a very positive future and I owe it all to Wendy Bliss and won’t ever be giving my lessons up."



Georgie is a fourteen year old Haflinger x Throughbred mare. Lyndsay had owned her for five years, had numerous instructors but unfortunately nothing seemed to prevent Georgie from bolting in the school every time she asked for canter! Lyndsay's dream was to compete in dressage but she felt nervous, frustrated and almost sold Georgie in dispair. Taking a holistic approach means not just trying to quick fix a problem, for example, with a stronger bit, but considering everything, from what the rider is doing and asking why Georgie was behaving in this way. Once theories of Georgie's possible history were analysed, correction of rider technique and using Wendy's methods, Lyndsay's dream was acheived.  Lyndsay is not only now competing at dressage, but was placed 2nd first time out!


Lyndsay and Georgie are now learning more advanced lateral work and have started jumping.


"I have had years of lesson's with my horse with numerous instructors over the years, but since I moved to my present yard I started having lessons with Wendy. My horse has made a huge transition since starting having lesson's with Wendy, my riding has improved and I am now finally beginning to understand my horse through what I have been taught by Wendy.
Wendy's teaching style is fantastic she breaks things down for you and your horse, and explains things thoroughly so that you can understand them. My horse was so difficult in the canter (no breaks) but together with Wendy's help we have come on in leaps and bounds, Wendy has given me the confidence with my horse to be able to take part in local shows, and I would highly recommend Wendy as an instructor for any level. Believe you me my horse was not a simple case it has taken the best part of 6 years, with lots of frustration, sweat and tears to get where I am now but with Wendy's instruction and patience over the past 2 years we are bonding as a team, and will continue to have lessons with my fab instructor!Thank you Wendy."



Sally is a 15.2h mare, 17 years old. Mandy had owned Sally for several years and this is her first horse. Sally had an accident which meant she had an operation and was on box rest for six months. When Sally was ready to be brought back into work a fitness programme was devised, and lessons began. Mandy could walk, trot and canter and ride very simple school movements. Following eight months of lessons and Wendy's methods, Sally is performing well beyond Mandy's expectations. Mandy has grown in confidence and is beginning to feel when her horse is truley on the bit, riding simple lateral exercises and is now jumping.

"Wendy was my instructor when I was loaning a horse on the yard where her horse was stabled, when I first started loaning the horse, I had all sorts wrong with my riding, positioning etc but Wendy corrected them quickly, and helped my riding improve massively, and had me from never jumping before, to jumping a course in a matter of weeks. Wendy is very enthusiastic about helping you improve your riding, and this shows when she is teaching, making you even more eager to learn and correct yourself, she explains everything thoroughly but simply, and knows how to get the most out of your riding. I guarantee you will not be disappointed when you have a lesson with her."


"Neo is a 16yr old 15.1hh ex racer. I have owned him for just under 4 years. I bought him after a bad experience with my last horse and I wanted to try my hand at dressage. Unfortunately we had only been out a few times when he developed bone spavin in his hocks. Neo was retired for 8 months and then brought back slowly into work. Although we will never compete again, having lessons helps him stay supple and me focused. Wendy has only taught my daughter and I a few times so far. Our horses have come on in leaps and bounds. I have even had a long reining lesson with my daughters pony as Neo was out of action one week. Wendy is very good at giving you confidence and has also passed on advice for exercises I can do on my own to help Neo with stiffness. You get excellent value for money and you get a real feeling that she is interested in you and your horses." SARAH, FROM BURSCOUGH

Comments received from the Active Rider Dressage Camp participants, 2014, held at Somerford Park:

"Very knowledgeable"....."Fantastic"....."I really enjoyed my lessons with Wendy"....."Very calm and patient"..."Gave me lots of confidence"...."I was always sceptical about classical training principles but Wendy was amazing"....