Clip and Canter

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Please email, telephone or text Wendy at Clip and Canter if you require any further information or wish to book a lesson, clinic, lecture or clipping service.


PLEASE NOTE: There is currently no cancellation fee, please keep it this way by only booking if you are sure you want the service, you may be taking a time that somebody else would have loved! Deposits are required for clinics.

In the event of adverse weather conditions (ice, snow, flood, gales) , a minimum of two hours notice is required to cancel via text or phone (not email). A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for all other reasons. It is the owners responsibility to cancel a booking, not the instructor, a charge will be applied (full cost of lesson / clinic etc.)  if the instructor is not informed within the specified time and/or arrives at your yard. At Clip and Canter we understand that at times cancellation is unavoidable but to ensure prices remain competitive and to continue receiving a first class service, please keep cancellations to a minimum.   

Thank you, your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 


Wendy is happy to answer any questions, discuss and tailor make lessons, clinics and lectures to suit individual requirements.


At Clip and Canter, to teach is also to listen. We look forward to hearing from you soon....