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Welcome to Clip and Canter

For the ultimate experience of a true partnership with your horse

Mission: "To teach with empathy for the individuality of all horses and riders, providing the knowledge and skills required for physical, spiritual and psychological success" 

Can you imagine progressing with and enjoying your riding way beyond your expectations?

Wendy Bliss - Freelance Coach and Equestrian author / writer for The Arabian Magazine and Northern Horse Magazine:  The Enhanced Riding Series.

***Coming Soon***The Book***Enhanced Riding***By Wendy Bliss***

  • Lessons at your yard
    Lessons at your yard
  • Get Results!
    Get Results!
  • Cantercise Clinics and Sessions
    Cantercise Clinics and Sessions
  • Fitness & Sports Therapy
    Fitness & Sports Therapy
  • Develop confidence...
    Develop confidence...
  • Clipping
  • Overcome Problems...
    Overcome Problems...
  • Partnership
  • Happier horses
    Happier horses
Lessons at your yard
Lessons at your yard

With twenty years experience within the equine industry coupled with highly qualified expertise, Wendy Bliss, freelance horse riding instructor and world wide published equestrian writer, has developed an effective, unique service for horse owners throughout the North West. Due to the success of Wendy's methods and writing she has been approached to be a guest instructor, offering 1:1 tuition at the Active Rider Camps held in the North West at Somerford Park. The Festival Association have also approached Wendy to run Clinics nationally. In April 2014 Wendy was booked as an official dressage coach at Active Rider Dressage Camp.    

Wendy offers:

Expert, friendly tuition on your horse at your yard / home for ~

  • All disciplines - Showing, Jumping, Dressage
  • Advanced Competitive and non-competitive 'just for fun' riders
  • All ages / abilities - Children and Adults
  • Classical training principles
  • Holistic approach encompassing equine and human psychology, anatomy and physiology
  • First time horse owners / stable management
  • Lunging techniques and ground work
  • Lectures and clinics
  • Posture and positional correction
  • Nervous riders
  • Specific problems
  • Natural, kind approach to training both horse and rider
  • Confidence, enjoyment, technique and skill
  • A professional, empathetic approach that you and your horse can trust... 


Professional clipping service available with the popular added option of creative designs - hearts, stars, your horses initials / name and many more!

As an Adavanced Human Sports Therapist and Health / Fitness Coach Wendy can offer detailed personalised fitness programmes for horse and rider.

Lessons and yard clinics available including theory and practical with and without your horse.

Expert postural / positional tuition to help both horse and rider achieve harmony together.  

Wendy provides many more professional services for horse owners, please watch our videos below and check out our other pages to learn more. Now you have found Clip and Canter you can really begin to live your dream with your horse, just like hundreds of people allready have and do!...

If you do not live in the North West you can still benefit! Virtual online lessons and fitness programmes via email are available, please click on 'More' above and select 'Web Store' for details...

When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk. He trots the air, the earth sings when he touches it.

William Shakespeare


A good rider can hear his horse speak to him. A great rider can hear his horse whisper.

Author Unknown

For details of Wendy's writing, including educational and inspiring advice / tips for all riders, please visit our sister website:      Wendy is currently writing a book named Enhanced Riding.

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